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Sidewalk Poets Denver
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Our Mission:

Through creative writing, arts and healing-based workshops, emerging writers from underrepresented backgrounds gain the opportunity to amplify their voices, activate self-confidence, and support mental health to enrich and empower their communities.


We envision story empowering and enriching communities, where every voice is valued and heard, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, citizenship, religion, ability, age or socio-economic status.

Core Beliefs: 

We believe that every person is an artist born with creative genius, and every person deserves a safe environment in which to experiment, learn, heal and develop. 

We believe that writing, re-telling and reclaiming one’s own personal story is the first/an act of social justice. 

We believe that writing and storytelling are the vehicle for positive self transformation. 


To learn more about our organization, check out our powerpoint presentation:


Check out our most recent workshop at the beautiful Denver Green School!

6th grade students write poems about themselves, about death, about Covid, about video games, about anime and bird’s chirping, about, as Nzube Kolawole wrote, “wishing to see what’s beyond the bright big universe.”

Read on and enjoy some of their work:

The Girl

by Jaqueline Bruno Meraz

Funny, sibling of Xanha and my blood sister of Nathalie.

Love of food and Mexican culture

Who feels worried about losing someone I love

Who needs my friend and hard working family to support my future

Who wishes for everyone to be happy, not in pain, a chance to see my aunt at least one more time

Who loves my people and anybody that are supporters

Who would like to see the world and my aunt and grandmother again

Resident of the towns in Mexico like Tecolutilla and Cuauhtemoc, in beautiful places and the places I have spend my childhood in Denver, Colorado.

About Me

By Galalia Mitchell


Empathetic, a friend, generous

Friends of many other friends

Lover of warm summer days

Who feels the cold harsh wind

Who needs to be around family during hard times

Who wishes to get a pet cat in the future

Who loves candy and hot chips

Who would like to see new movies all the time

Resident of peace and potato chips

As mad as thunder and lightning

Greedy, genuine genius



By Kayden Crews


Supportive, overachiever, resilient

Sibling of a brother who is a later learner

Lover of white chocolate and coffee

Who feels the pain in times

Who needs Blankets hugging them

Who wishes for more time to talk

Who loves food

Who would like to see sunsets

Resident of Lex at Lowry and my heart


Thank you for teaching us about poetry and your experience with it. This will help me in my own writing because whenever I get mad or want to calm down I will do poetry. I really appreciated when you shared your dishwasher poem because it will help me to right things when I want to calm down and I can look back at my poem and laugh.

6th grade student at Denver Green School

I really appreciated when you shared about your families car crash that was a very hard time but you still shared because it will help me to share more hard times in my life and open up.