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The Work of Abby Templeton Greene

Publications & Work

“U.S. Unemployment Jumps to 12.5 Million”—RATTLE (RECORDING)
“An Open Letter to the City and County Inspector Who Fined Me $500 Even Though the Weeds in the Front Lawn Were Well Under the 6” Regulation Height”—McSweeney’s
“Manuela Cionci: 19955-1985: A Heteronym”, “A Protest of Names/Una Protesta de nombres”, “Blister Bring the Money In/Las ampollas traen el dinero”, “Imagining Her There, in the Room/Imaginandola ahi, en el cuarto”, “Mother/Madre”, No Count for the Missing/No hay conteo de los desaparecidos, “Gacela from a Telescope/Gacela desde un telescopio” —Calyx
“Crying it Out,”—The Mom Egg Review

Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures